Previously on DnD 3

Sometimes you gotta drop a house on someone to make your point.

The party awoke the next morning without incident and removed the barricades they erected the night before. Outside they found something that hadn’t been there before, a little hand made doll.

Uncertain what to do, they decided to return to their beach camp and continue their searches. On their way back through the forest the party was attacked by a group of Cockatrice’s. The party managed to defeat them, but not before Kenji started turning to stone. No one had any way to help him, and had to watch in horror as he turned to stone. Then as quickly as he seemed to be dieing he returned to normal.

He screamed in pain and clutched his left arm as he took a knee to the ground. After a few minutes of rest Kenji was able to walk with assistance from others. He had taken the brunt of the attacks in the battle and was in serious need of rest.

On their way back to the camp, they noticed a large bird in the sky following them. The party kept an eye on it as they had no other means of dealing with it at this time.

That evening near dusk everyone was caught off guard by a large crash right near them. It would seem the large bird flew over head and dropped a wooden chest of clothes near their camp. It then took off to the Northeast till it was out of sight.

The next day they split into two groups once more and traveled out half a days journey in different directions. They found some supplies from another ship wreck but no other signs of life.

That evening the saw the giant bird approach and drop a dresser near them then fly off to the Northeast. Concerned about the bird, they were pleased that it was a moonlight night so they stood a chance of seeing it should it return.

Return it did the next morning, dropping a wagon of hay near them before flying off to the Northeast. They spent the day recovering supplies from the other shipwreck they found, when the bird returned once more this time dropping a lamp post near them.

The party started to think that perhaps the bird wasn’t trying to harm them but to tell them something. When they returned to their camp they packed up their gear and supplies and prepared to leave in the morning in the direction the bird was seen flying to.

The next morning as they were preparing to head out the giant bird dropped a white wig near them. Taking note of his direction of travel the party took off heading Northeast. Two days of travel brought them to the edge of a swamp. They got into a fight with some of the local inhabitants, but continued on their way.

After another day of travel the party found themselves approaching a bustling city.



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