Previously on DnD part 2

A three hour tour, a three hour tour

The passengers aboard Captain Rob’s ill gained ship found themselves crash landed upon an island they had never seen before. Shortly after starting to explore the area, they found a small camp of survivors from another ship wreck. For the sake of their mutual survival, they decided that it would be best to work together.

The next day as they were exploring and gathering supplies some of the creatures inhabiting attacked the group. After fending them off they decided to press further into the surrounding woods while another group headed off down the beach to see what could be found.

The beach team did not travel for very long when a member of the forest team caught up with them. It was (Jen A), and her sister Rie-l had been separated from the group during one of her tantrums. While she was off she was snatched up by a large bird and Kenji was following by foot. (Matt W) was a tracker following in her father’s footsteps, so they quickly caught up with Kenji. The bird flew to a lone peak within the interior of the island and it was there that Kenji had lost site of it.

At dusk the group had found themselves at the base of the mountain; Thanks to a few sharp eyes, they found what appeared to be a man made path up the mountain. They climbed the mountain and within a few hours they came across stone pillars that seemed to be a part of the mountain. Between these pillars was a stone entryway, that seemed to have doors at one time. Above this entryway they could see what looked like a giant bird nest, but no large bird to be seen.

Once Rie-l knew they were there, still in a hissy fit demanded Kenji to come up and get her down. Kenji climbed up to the birds nest and found it to be full of human knick knacks. Chairs, broken mirrors, statues, tools, and other assorted items. The pair climbs down after Kenji appeases Rie-l’s tantrum and apologizes.

As it was already late and it was starting to rain, the group takes shelter inside the unknown mountain sanctuary. As they had time, they explore the area. The area that they were in was a large antechamber. It lead into a very large room filled with a few statues and a mural covering the whole room. (Jen A) pointed out a statue of the goddess Kalor. She then pointed out two more for her sister goddesses Kara and Dariel. Another statue was of their father – Gunder Matson – even a statue for Vidance the older brother god. There was one more statue, it’s face a blank that know one knew who it was.

Upon their walk around they noted some large doors in the back that Rumble – the man who was almost a mountain – along with a few others decided to check it out. They found the door locked; In spite of Rumble’s best efforts it remained that way.

Meanwhile the rest were looking at the faded murals on the walls and ceilings. It looked like it portrayed a great battle occurring in the skies, but what battle it was they were not certain. There were many faces that they were not able to identify and creatures they had never seen before. Some were terrifying abominations with tentacles abound, others shadowy beings of different shapes and sizes. They also saw the Carpels in the painting with the Lizard Folk fighting along side them. While fewer in number, all the other races on Trisis were pictured fighting in the mural.

The group that had been checking out the murals at this point decided to check out the door themselves as the others had wandered to check out the murals. It remained locked till Kenji had touched the door, there was a hiss as stale air blew into their faces. A hallway leading down in a spiral was before them. On the walls were painted depictions of the Carpels as they performed some kind of ritual. No one was certain what it meant. They continued down the hall till the reached another sealed door. Kenji touched this one as well and it opened up into a room filled with a black fog. Then a loud sound and wind rushed up the hall, as if a giant vacuum had been created. All that was left was an empty room.

The party finished making camp and slept for the night.



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