Previously on DnD part 4

Well what a time for him to not keep his head in the game.

The group enters the picturesque town of (gotta look at it when I get home), a stark contrast to the wild and untamed land they had been traveling through. It didn’t take them long to find out that this town was a very exclusive resort town. Everyone either being a lifetime resident and employee or a wealthy vacationer enjoying the towns off the radar status.

As they were walking down the street, they did notice a man who looked rather shaken standing next to a hole in the ground. And that hole was about the right place for a lamp post to have been at one time.

Finding an inn to rest, Rie-l couldn’t help but notice the gaming tables as they went to their rooms. She dragged Kenji down to the tables with her, and a couple of others joined them at the black jack tables.

Meanwhile the rest of the group split up. Some to investigate the town while a few others went to the docks to inquire about booking passage. Not much was found other than it was a town for the social elite and that they got a few glances from the unarmed folks walking around town. At the docks, they found out the amount of gold needed to book passage for one person was more money than they collectively had.

At the tables, Rie-l was having her normal luck at games of chance. That is to say she was losing money once more, and not very happy about it. Kenji was doing very well, and the female elf that was their dealer seemed to have taken a liking to him. The others were doing pretty good at the table as well, and once Rie-l noticed the dealer passing Kenji good cards things did not go well. She started drinking heavily and her mood became even more foul. As she started to make another scene at a gaming table, Kenji took her upstairs to try and keep her out of trouble.

Once up there, Rie-l was going to have nothing to do with staying put. She swore to go down there and kick that ‘cheating hussies’ ass. She was quite in quite an inebriated state, having her mother’s low constitution to alcohol. Kenji decided to tie her to the bed for her own sake, then left the room to find out what information had been learned. She shortly passed out after Kenji left.

Everyone minus the drunken Rie-l met up and discussed their options. Which were looking rather grim. They had a boat that was out of commission. The cost to book passage out of town was way out of their price range. In fact the inn would have been out of their cost range if not for the fact that they had run into an old friend of (Jen A) and Rie-l’s mother. Fortune though was about to smile upon them and provide them with an option out of town.

Meanwhile Rie-l woke up still intoxicated, but more lucid. She tried to get up, but realized she was tied down to the bed. She started yelling for help. A short time later, the door opened to her room and a tall skinny balding man with a very sleazy demeanor entered the room. He was rather surprised to see a lovely young lady tied to the bed – but being the ‘kind’ man he was – he decided to help free Rie-l. While he was undoing her bonds, he couldn’t help himself but to cope a feel or two on the drunken and helpless girl in front of him. This shattered Rie-l’s world as she had never been treated this way before. She grew very silent and left the room to find Kenji as soon as she could.

Eventually Rie-l found the rest of the group, and confided in Kenji what had happened. Infuriated he started scouring and questioning others about who this man was. After finding out it was a manager at their inn, he took his step sister <matt> went back to her room, and Kenji was looking for an alibi. Remembering the dealer from before, and having her room number handy he paid her a visit. An all night visit. Halfway through the night, his room did receive a know from some guards investigating a murder. The dealer provided Kenji with the alibi he had been seeking, and spent the rest of the night with the elven lady.

Morning has broken, and the party finds themselves waking up to multiple surprises…..

This ends the summary of the previous events. None of the actions that took place have been changed, instead everything that occurred after this point has been wiped clean. We will restart the campaign from this point. I have an easy way to introduce new party members at this juncture, and have already prepared what happened to those that will not be joining us.



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