Previously on DnD part 1

The past rewritten and rebooted

The Beginning

The party begins in the city of Antilles, the largest port city in the Goddess Isles. Here Captain Rob(Rob), Rei-l(Cheech), and Kenji Otoria(Alex A) were all at the Kraken Eye Casino. Captain Rob was there celebrating the theft of his new ship and Rei-l was there feeding her gambling habit. Kenji was there to make sure she did not get into any trouble, as she normally does.

Meanwhile (Jen A) and (Matt W) without having Kenji to supervise them sneak into the Casino’s spa and salon area posing as employees. After messing up a few makeup and then giving a couple of really bad haircuts are found out and are forced to flee.

Back in the casino Rei-l has a string of bad luck, and starts getting upset. Accusing the dealer of cheating and making a very huge scene. Captain Rob notices the casino security has been alerted and being the flamboyant man he is flips the gambling table up. The captain then jumps on a table swings from a chandelier knocking some of the security to the floor. Kenji disables another and they flee out one of the side windows of the gambling area.

Everyone fleeing both groups run into each other running away from security as fast as they can. Captain Rob offers his ship as refuge for a getaway, and everyone races for the docks. Everyone gets on board and sets sail as the security from the casino walks away, considering chase any further to not be worthwhile.

The captain offers everyone a ride back to their home on a small island North west of Antilles and the Island of Kalor. That night on the passage home a strange mist surrounds their boat, and a storm blows them off course. During the storm, a group of undead attack the ship which the party is forced to repel. After dealing with the undead threat, the storm worsens and the ship crashes into an island unknown to them all.



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