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Trisis is one of three prime material planes and the setting is named after it since it was the one the entire campaign setting has grown from. As I have ran this setting actively for years now, it has a history created both by the players and myself.

This will be a mess for quite some time till I get the information on here and then figure out how I want to organize and break it down. Also these sections won’t have all the information I have prepared as they may be spoilers. My normal statement of I play with the cards close to the chest.

The Setting of Trisis

The Story of the World

Ancient History of Trisis
Recent History of Trisis

The Pantheon

Major Dieties

Gunder Matson

Lesser Dieties

The Elevator Guy

The People and Places

Major Countries and Points of Interest The Goddess Isles

Large Organizations

Small Organizations of Note

House Rules

Character Creation
Spell and Feat Changes
Alternate Skill Rules
Banned Classes/spells/feats/etc
Planar Mechanics and You
Mechanics Overview

The following are rules used and available but with a good justification.

Signature Weapons

The setting wasn’t originally for DnD. If you would like to know more check out Where it all began.

Main Page

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