Isolated from all external planes, magic on the plane of Trisis has been returning to the world after its almost thousand year absence. A world created by three goddesses, once flourished under their grace and guidance. They along with the wonders of the world that was, had started to fade away as legends and stories.

Then a couple hundred years ago something changed in the world. It happened slowly at first, a person suddenly being able to cast a cantrip that they had read about from ancient tomes. A holy relic that caught flame without being burned, until eventually schools formed to study this long forgotten art. The wonders of the world that was awoke from their slumber along with a belief in the goddesses.

As knowledge of magic grew from recovered artifacts and tomes, arcane scholars found that some magic did not function as it was described in the ancient tomes. Any magic that involved shifting into another plane either didn’t work or was heavily resisted. Teleportation simply did not work over distances greater than a few hundred feet. The found what they called a dimensional barrier, that sealed the world off from other planes of existence.

Then 50 years ago, 12 people with strange birth marks on their hands and a touch of the divine were born. As a child, one was touched by the divine more than the rest. His name was Garrick Brithus. His eyes were turned into a solid milky white at the age of 5, burned by the divine powers that had been released near his home. Although his eyes were damaged, his vision was not. He saw the world for what it was. He blamed the gods for what he saw, and vowed to fix the world and make them pay.

His vision allowed him to see the powers of those touched by the divine, which appeared as heart shaped stones, even if they hadn’t woken to it yet. He formed a faction with other bearers of these heart stones. His path would lead to the destruction of the very world he thought he would be freeing.

Another faction, guided by a representative of the Dragon council, were ultimately able to bring his plans to a stop before they did permanent harm to the world. It is now 50 years since, and you found yourself sailing on a boat to Antilles on the island of Kalor.


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