Previously on DnD part 4
Well what a time for him to not keep his head in the game.

The group enters the picturesque town of (gotta look at it when I get home), a stark contrast to the wild and untamed land they had been traveling through. It didn’t take them long to find out that this town was a very exclusive resort town. Everyone either being a lifetime resident and employee or a wealthy vacationer enjoying the towns off the radar status.

As they were walking down the street, they did notice a man who looked rather shaken standing next to a hole in the ground. And that hole was about the right place for a lamp post to have been at one time.

Finding an inn to rest, Rie-l couldn’t help but notice the gaming tables as they went to their rooms. She dragged Kenji down to the tables with her, and a couple of others joined them at the black jack tables.

Meanwhile the rest of the group split up. Some to investigate the town while a few others went to the docks to inquire about booking passage. Not much was found other than it was a town for the social elite and that they got a few glances from the unarmed folks walking around town. At the docks, they found out the amount of gold needed to book passage for one person was more money than they collectively had.

At the tables, Rie-l was having her normal luck at games of chance. That is to say she was losing money once more, and not very happy about it. Kenji was doing very well, and the female elf that was their dealer seemed to have taken a liking to him. The others were doing pretty good at the table as well, and once Rie-l noticed the dealer passing Kenji good cards things did not go well. She started drinking heavily and her mood became even more foul. As she started to make another scene at a gaming table, Kenji took her upstairs to try and keep her out of trouble.

Once up there, Rie-l was going to have nothing to do with staying put. She swore to go down there and kick that ‘cheating hussies’ ass. She was quite in quite an inebriated state, having her mother’s low constitution to alcohol. Kenji decided to tie her to the bed for her own sake, then left the room to find out what information had been learned. She shortly passed out after Kenji left.

Everyone minus the drunken Rie-l met up and discussed their options. Which were looking rather grim. They had a boat that was out of commission. The cost to book passage out of town was way out of their price range. In fact the inn would have been out of their cost range if not for the fact that they had run into an old friend of (Jen A) and Rie-l’s mother. Fortune though was about to smile upon them and provide them with an option out of town.

Meanwhile Rie-l woke up still intoxicated, but more lucid. She tried to get up, but realized she was tied down to the bed. She started yelling for help. A short time later, the door opened to her room and a tall skinny balding man with a very sleazy demeanor entered the room. He was rather surprised to see a lovely young lady tied to the bed – but being the ‘kind’ man he was – he decided to help free Rie-l. While he was undoing her bonds, he couldn’t help himself but to cope a feel or two on the drunken and helpless girl in front of him. This shattered Rie-l’s world as she had never been treated this way before. She grew very silent and left the room to find Kenji as soon as she could.

Eventually Rie-l found the rest of the group, and confided in Kenji what had happened. Infuriated he started scouring and questioning others about who this man was. After finding out it was a manager at their inn, he took his step sister <matt> went back to her room, and Kenji was looking for an alibi. Remembering the dealer from before, and having her room number handy he paid her a visit. An all night visit. Halfway through the night, his room did receive a know from some guards investigating a murder. The dealer provided Kenji with the alibi he had been seeking, and spent the rest of the night with the elven lady.

Morning has broken, and the party finds themselves waking up to multiple surprises…..

This ends the summary of the previous events. None of the actions that took place have been changed, instead everything that occurred after this point has been wiped clean. We will restart the campaign from this point. I have an easy way to introduce new party members at this juncture, and have already prepared what happened to those that will not be joining us.

Previously on DnD 3
Sometimes you gotta drop a house on someone to make your point.

The party awoke the next morning without incident and removed the barricades they erected the night before. Outside they found something that hadn’t been there before, a little hand made doll.

Uncertain what to do, they decided to return to their beach camp and continue their searches. On their way back through the forest the party was attacked by a group of Cockatrice’s. The party managed to defeat them, but not before Kenji started turning to stone. No one had any way to help him, and had to watch in horror as he turned to stone. Then as quickly as he seemed to be dieing he returned to normal.

He screamed in pain and clutched his left arm as he took a knee to the ground. After a few minutes of rest Kenji was able to walk with assistance from others. He had taken the brunt of the attacks in the battle and was in serious need of rest.

On their way back to the camp, they noticed a large bird in the sky following them. The party kept an eye on it as they had no other means of dealing with it at this time.

That evening near dusk everyone was caught off guard by a large crash right near them. It would seem the large bird flew over head and dropped a wooden chest of clothes near their camp. It then took off to the Northeast till it was out of sight.

The next day they split into two groups once more and traveled out half a days journey in different directions. They found some supplies from another ship wreck but no other signs of life.

That evening the saw the giant bird approach and drop a dresser near them then fly off to the Northeast. Concerned about the bird, they were pleased that it was a moonlight night so they stood a chance of seeing it should it return.

Return it did the next morning, dropping a wagon of hay near them before flying off to the Northeast. They spent the day recovering supplies from the other shipwreck they found, when the bird returned once more this time dropping a lamp post near them.

The party started to think that perhaps the bird wasn’t trying to harm them but to tell them something. When they returned to their camp they packed up their gear and supplies and prepared to leave in the morning in the direction the bird was seen flying to.

The next morning as they were preparing to head out the giant bird dropped a white wig near them. Taking note of his direction of travel the party took off heading Northeast. Two days of travel brought them to the edge of a swamp. They got into a fight with some of the local inhabitants, but continued on their way.

After another day of travel the party found themselves approaching a bustling city.

Previously on DnD part 2
A three hour tour, a three hour tour

The passengers aboard Captain Rob’s ill gained ship found themselves crash landed upon an island they had never seen before. Shortly after starting to explore the area, they found a small camp of survivors from another ship wreck. For the sake of their mutual survival, they decided that it would be best to work together.

The next day as they were exploring and gathering supplies some of the creatures inhabiting attacked the group. After fending them off they decided to press further into the surrounding woods while another group headed off down the beach to see what could be found.

The beach team did not travel for very long when a member of the forest team caught up with them. It was (Jen A), and her sister Rie-l had been separated from the group during one of her tantrums. While she was off she was snatched up by a large bird and Kenji was following by foot. (Matt W) was a tracker following in her father’s footsteps, so they quickly caught up with Kenji. The bird flew to a lone peak within the interior of the island and it was there that Kenji had lost site of it.

At dusk the group had found themselves at the base of the mountain; Thanks to a few sharp eyes, they found what appeared to be a man made path up the mountain. They climbed the mountain and within a few hours they came across stone pillars that seemed to be a part of the mountain. Between these pillars was a stone entryway, that seemed to have doors at one time. Above this entryway they could see what looked like a giant bird nest, but no large bird to be seen.

Once Rie-l knew they were there, still in a hissy fit demanded Kenji to come up and get her down. Kenji climbed up to the birds nest and found it to be full of human knick knacks. Chairs, broken mirrors, statues, tools, and other assorted items. The pair climbs down after Kenji appeases Rie-l’s tantrum and apologizes.

As it was already late and it was starting to rain, the group takes shelter inside the unknown mountain sanctuary. As they had time, they explore the area. The area that they were in was a large antechamber. It lead into a very large room filled with a few statues and a mural covering the whole room. (Jen A) pointed out a statue of the goddess Kalor. She then pointed out two more for her sister goddesses Kara and Dariel. Another statue was of their father – Gunder Matson – even a statue for Vidance the older brother god. There was one more statue, it’s face a blank that know one knew who it was.

Upon their walk around they noted some large doors in the back that Rumble – the man who was almost a mountain – along with a few others decided to check it out. They found the door locked; In spite of Rumble’s best efforts it remained that way.

Meanwhile the rest were looking at the faded murals on the walls and ceilings. It looked like it portrayed a great battle occurring in the skies, but what battle it was they were not certain. There were many faces that they were not able to identify and creatures they had never seen before. Some were terrifying abominations with tentacles abound, others shadowy beings of different shapes and sizes. They also saw the Carpels in the painting with the Lizard Folk fighting along side them. While fewer in number, all the other races on Trisis were pictured fighting in the mural.

The group that had been checking out the murals at this point decided to check out the door themselves as the others had wandered to check out the murals. It remained locked till Kenji had touched the door, there was a hiss as stale air blew into their faces. A hallway leading down in a spiral was before them. On the walls were painted depictions of the Carpels as they performed some kind of ritual. No one was certain what it meant. They continued down the hall till the reached another sealed door. Kenji touched this one as well and it opened up into a room filled with a black fog. Then a loud sound and wind rushed up the hall, as if a giant vacuum had been created. All that was left was an empty room.

The party finished making camp and slept for the night.

Previously on DnD part 1
The past rewritten and rebooted

The Beginning

The party begins in the city of Antilles, the largest port city in the Goddess Isles. Here Captain Rob(Rob), Rei-l(Cheech), and Kenji Otoria(Alex A) were all at the Kraken Eye Casino. Captain Rob was there celebrating the theft of his new ship and Rei-l was there feeding her gambling habit. Kenji was there to make sure she did not get into any trouble, as she normally does.

Meanwhile (Jen A) and (Matt W) without having Kenji to supervise them sneak into the Casino’s spa and salon area posing as employees. After messing up a few makeup and then giving a couple of really bad haircuts are found out and are forced to flee.

Back in the casino Rei-l has a string of bad luck, and starts getting upset. Accusing the dealer of cheating and making a very huge scene. Captain Rob notices the casino security has been alerted and being the flamboyant man he is flips the gambling table up. The captain then jumps on a table swings from a chandelier knocking some of the security to the floor. Kenji disables another and they flee out one of the side windows of the gambling area.

Everyone fleeing both groups run into each other running away from security as fast as they can. Captain Rob offers his ship as refuge for a getaway, and everyone races for the docks. Everyone gets on board and sets sail as the security from the casino walks away, considering chase any further to not be worthwhile.

The captain offers everyone a ride back to their home on a small island North west of Antilles and the Island of Kalor. That night on the passage home a strange mist surrounds their boat, and a storm blows them off course. During the storm, a group of undead attack the ship which the party is forced to repel. After dealing with the undead threat, the storm worsens and the ship crashes into an island unknown to them all.


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