The Abandoned

Before losing my calculator, I had started planning the story line for a bigger version of the game. Originally I had planned a ‘sequel’ game to be leaving the Island of Kalor and heading to the mainland after Garrick. This plot idea and many others from my original outlines came into play on the level 1-20 section of my 2 year campaign.

So the bigger version was going to follow the same thought, but I thought I still wanted the same feel. So I came up with the idea to be the Island’S’ of Kalor. I then created two other islands to the north and east of Kalor. I didn’t give them individual names till I came up with the idea of the plane having 3 goddess sisters. This was when I started writing my campaign story outline for the first of 3 failed attempts to run the campaign.

I thought, hey I got this Java book for Christmas this year, I’ll look into making a bigger java version. It didn’t take me long into reading it and deciding that JAVA SUCKS, and abandoned that idea. Then I thought I would turn my plot line into a web comic. I showed the first 3 pages I had made to a small number of people. Some were interested where I was going, but I then lost my sketchbook and abandoned this idea as well out of discourgement.

Another idea that I have still been kicking around is turning my plot line, and the events from the campaign into a flash animation series. I’ve had a few fight scenes story boarded in my head for a long time now. So this idea may someday see the light of day.

I eventually put the world and story idea up on the shelf for a few years. Constantly adding a bit here and there to the idea of what the world was like. I didn’t brush it off till I started playing DnD a lot and decided to take a stab at DMing.


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