The History of Trisis

This is the just the edited first draft. Some of the details in here will change, but the majority of this information will not change.


Trisis is the plane created by the three Sister Goddesses, Kalor, Kara, and Dariel. The three sisters created most of the races that reside on the plane, Kara with her fiery spirit brought up the land from the still seas. Kalor with her desire for order shaped the land with towering mountains, deep canyons, filled the lakes and guided the streams to the oceans. Dariel with her love of life, filled the world with life. From the fish swimming in the oceans, to the birds soaring over the land.

Then the sisters created the races, great and small. This section to be expanded Kalor created the Dwarves and Gnomes giving them their sense of duty. Dariel created the Elves and Halflings gifting them with a love of life and care free attitude. Kara created the Orcs and <race> proud and self-reliant. Then the sisters created the humans, shortest lived of the races but given the greatest passions and aptitudes of all the races.

They were to safe guard their creation, and to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The races grew and formed their own civilizations, and they knew the sisters for they were there for all to see. The ages passed, and the sisters spent less and less time overlooking their creation. Then one day, the sisters left without saying a word. Decades passed and soon grew to centuries. The races and kingdoms started to squabble. They blamed one another for the sisters abandoning the world and leaving them without their guidance and presence. Wars broke out, and the formerly peaceful world fell into chaos.

A Millennium passed, and the world found balance once more. Cycles of war and peace, kingdoms rising to power as others disappeared or were absorbed. From the chaos of the goddesses departure, the residents of Trisis eventually created their own order without the guidance of the sisters. This went on for a thousand years, and during this time the Humans rose up to be one of the most influential and numerous of the races.

Trisis would have continued on in this new order, but that was not to be the fate of the world. The sisters returned suddenly one day, wounded from a great battle. A battle that quickly followed them to Trisis. For those on Trisis, they saw an epic battle in the skies over the world that lasted without end for a hundred years. At this battle the residents saw others they had never known existed. Those that fought with the sisters, their father Gunder Matson and his servants the Carpels. And lastly, their opponent with her servants.

This battle lasted for a hundred years, and after it was over shortly after another battle initiated with another opponent. The residents of Trisis did not know what to make of these beings they had never seen before. Then as soon as they all appeared, they all disappeared.

Then a hundred years passed and the battle returned to Trisis where it ended at last. The Sisters seemed angry and those involved in the battle appeared to be arguing. One left then, but before he left he created the Chromatic Dragons. The Sisters then created the Metallic Dragons.

Gunder left the Carpels here at this time, for a purpose. The goddesses brought together their loyal followers to three islands that they created to say goodbye. One for each goddess. They told their children, that soon they would be departing for a very long time. The masses wept that they would be leaving again and for what may be an eternity. Another was chosen by the goddesses and given a gift.

The Goddesses and left and the barrier was erected, cutting Trisis off from access to the other planes but for two paths. The path to the celestial regions, and the path to the hells that can only be traversed by the residents of the plane.

Heartstones were given to numerous individuals. In each of the recipients bodies near their heart, was a stone. Their bodies were marked with what Heart stone they were given. These heart stones were the keys to the barrier, and it at sometime in the future it would be for the bearers to decide the fate of Trisis.

Over the centuries, wizards and clerics found that they could not muster enough magical/divine power to cast some of their most powerful spells. Those attuned to magic had noticed the constant decline of magic within a hundred years of the Goddesses’ departure. Scholars over the years tried to determine the cause of the decline, and after much study they found it. The barrier itself was using an ever increasing amount of magical energy. Although none could figure out why.

700 years after the barrier was erected, most of the magical equipment lost their power. Most being reduced to nothing much better than trinkets. At this time anything that was considered a worthy relic was sealed away to make sure that they were not lost amongst common items. So that one day, they could be retrieved should their power be restored. At this time, dragons went into hibernation as the magical energies they survive on faded away from the world. All other magical beasts also hibernated at this time.

At 900 years after the barrier was erected, the first 0 magic age hit. The (city that Rekiel is in) crashed to the earth in the mountains (in the north part of the western continent). The residents abandoned their city, sealing up what they could to protect their knowledge and libraries as they could. Waiting for a time they could return and restore their city to its former splendor.

1400 years after the barrier was erected, magic slowly began to return to the world. Most of the residents of Trisis had forgotten what magic was, so didn’t notice it’s slow return to the world. Races sensitive to magic though did take notice, since they were longer lived and memory of magic not so long ago. Clerics and priests heralded the return of power to their prayers.

The 1800th year after the barrier was erected marked the return of the dragons and magical beasts around the world. Old magic items that survived their dormant state, started to regain some of their powers at this time. They became only slightly better than non-magical versions of themselves. Those aware of magic began the process of searching for knowledge and magics long lost. Descendants of (City that Rekiel is head wizard of) return and break the seals of the city.

2,300 years after the barrier errection, magic was restored to it’s previous levels. Magic never saw the same widespread use it had seen prior to the first no magic age, and was a much more jealously guarded. The clergy of the goddesses resisted using magic as much as they could, wanting to make sure they could carry on should another zero magic age return. At this time those with that had been carrying a heart stones became aware of what they carried, and the power they brought to those that bore them created jealousy and a lust amongst each other and those without. This marked the first Heart Stone War, this also brought about the Great Dragon War. (City that Rekiel is head wizard of) has a great accident that freezes the entire city in ice.

In the end, the Heart Stone bearers decided to keep the barrier erect. A few hundred years later the heart stone bearers passed away, their heartstones passing on to others. Most of those never realizing what they had as magic was no longer at it’s peak to activate them. A few others were able to tap into their powers thanks to instruction or a strong will. So once more did the power of magic in the world fade. And so this cycle has continued, for thousands of years.

At the XXXX year mark, the first campaign happens marking the latest heartstone conflicts. Insert description of the events of the first campaign. The new campaign occurs 200 years later and magic is on it’s decline in the world.


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