Trisis has for XXXX years been without the direct influence of any other planes of existence. This has also limited the travel through and to even the coinciding planes (Such as the ethereal and shadow planes). As such, any spells dealing with traveling through/shifting to these planes duration will be shorter than normal. The barrier has also prevented all contact with the plane of Shadow.

The barrier also affects spells that bend/enter other planes for travel. All teleport spells only have a very short range to being the range of dimension door or only double that distance. This is because that is the furthest you can bend the planes before the barrier forcibly kicks you out. There is one exception to this now if you are playing in the Current campaign time and later. The damage to the dimensional barrier now allows teleportation circle to work along the cracks in the barrier. Due to the nature of these cracks, there are only two physical points along a single crack that can be joined in this method. The problem is in finding one of these cracks, as they are almost indistinguishable from a long range inspection. As of XXXXth year after the sealing war only a handful of these paths have been found. Some kept secret, others treated as heavily guarded trade routes occasionally fought over. Unless you either are in very good standing with the owners of one of these teleportation circle pairs, it is very expensive to make use of these interconnecting portals.

There are two exceptions to these spell limitations created by the barrier. One being if you are not currently on the plane of Trisis and two if you are in a pocket plane on Trisis. Pocket planes are created as basicly a shrunk down plane existing with the empty space of atoms and tied to a specific location on Trisis. So when you are on one of these planes, you are are never actually moving. Hence teleportation works to it’s full ability only on a pocket plane as well as any spell involving the coinciding planes. You can also use spells that allow you to teleport between planes to leave a pocket plane and pop out on the main Trisis plane anywhere within (the range of dimension door) of the anchor location. You can also use dimensional teleport to enter a pocket plane if you are within (the range of dimension door) on Trisis’s main plane of it’s anchor location. Of course you have to know the pocket plane is there and exists. And of course that it might be warded against intruders.

The anchor point for any pocket plane is always tied to some portcullis structure. It can be natural or man made, and knowledge of their creation was lost during the dark age after the Goddesses disappearance. Any one of these anchor points are indestructible. While anything passing through an anchor portcullis is transported to the pocket plane, it would still be possible for one to be buried as enough mass would fill up the area surrounding the portcullis on both sides.

How many pocket planes there are is unknown, and most don’t even believe or know of their existence. Those that do locate a pocket plane often find riches on the other side along with death as the guardians of said riches are still active.


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