New Characters

All characters created for my campaign start at level 2. I do this so that everyone doesn’t feel like they would die in a strong wind. I also have a few playable races that have a +1 lvl adjustments. In order for players to use them I need to start everyone at lvl 2.

Stat Creation


Below are the main PC races and how they fit into my campaign setting. Some of the races are handled a little differently from a thematic stance, but none of them have been changed mechanically. Except Lizardfolk, they did get a little change.


more to be added soon


Player Handbook classes

Implemented with no caveats: Barbarian, Bard, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue

Monk and Paladin – The multi-classing restriction does not exist.

Wizard – Are as per the book with the following exception. Spells that are 7th level and above can not be selected upon level up. You must either find or purchase these spells. Additionally if the campaign is in a low magic cycle these spells may simply be unavailable.

Sorcerer, Druid, and Cleric- Are as per the book with the following exception. Spells that are 7th level and higher are on a limited list of what can be chosen upon level up(daily for divine). Since these classes’ ability to spell cast is innate or divine they can tap into these spells to a small degree unlike wizards. As the list is limited if you want a spell not on the allowed list you will have to find or purchase that spell to learn as a Wizard would. If the campaign is in a low magic cycle then 7th level and above spells are simply unavailable.

Expanded Psionic Handbook

Psionics are treated as being transparent to magic. So if something has spell resistance 13 it also has psionic resistance 13. Psions draw their power from the same source as Divine and Arcane casters. They simply use their bodies as the conduit to touch that power versus the spirit or the mind that other casters use.

Psychic Warrior – Exactly as written in the book

Psion and Wilder – Treated the same as Sorcerer, Cleric or Druid. See above.

Banned classes: Soulknife, Metamind, Psion Uncarnate, Pyrokineticist

A special note, banned PC classes will more than likely be used on an NPC at some time unless it is one that does not fit into the setting. I.E. I will make True Necromancer NPCs but you will not come across Warlocks in Trisis.

New Characters

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